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The precipitation map, the location of the construction and its dimensions are the main criteria for choosing the drainage system.

harta precipitatii Romania

Taking into consideration the average amount of rainfall, in hills and mountain areas we recommend that the 150 mm system, due to a higher drainage capacity.

The main differentiating feature of the Novatik system in relation with the other rainwater systems on the market is the intelligent design section that prevents overflowing water and generates a superior collecting capacity for rainwater.

Novatik A Novatik B

The sizing and configuration of the rainwater system (gutters, downpipes and accessories) is performed by the roof configuration analysis and other criteria related to the flow or the lengths of the eaves. The necessary hydraulic calculations have been simplified in a graph showing the size of the gutters and downpipes depending on the volume of water that can be collected from the roof.

L = 20 m (total length of roof)
B = 8 m (total width of roof)
L1 = 13 m (distance between gutter ends)
L2 = 7 m (distance between gutter ends)

Area = L x B = 20 x 8 = 160 mp
→ L1/(L1+L2) = 13/20 = 0.65

From this calculation, a gutter with a minimum size of 125 mm and a pipe with the size of 87 mm is more than enough.
The Quadra rainwater system meets those who want a modern and traditional system at the same time (in the interwar period gutters and rectangular downpipes were extremely popular). This system can be easily installed with any type of roofing, lately architects promoting it especially for the standing seam roofs. Last but not least, the Quadra 150 is perfectly suitable for industrial construction area, being a quick and efficient solution for collecting rainwater at small and medium sized industrial halls.
Suitable for any type of architecture and especially where the rainwater system requires greater gutter mobility and when building elements need to be bypassed or penetrated. With the pipe bends with wrinkles (type 2) available at any angle between 25˚ and 90 °, we guarantee total tightness even with fewer connecting elements. The Ronda system, with the gutter joint mechanism behind the gutters, looks great and discreet, creating a nice design.
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