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Novatik Natura

How is made Novatik NATURA | stone chip coated metal roof tiles.


Are you at that stage of the house`s construction, where the roof is required? We know this is not an easy step. That`s why Novatik products are designed to meet the most demanding quality and aesthetic requirements. Whether we are talking about a standing seam roof or metal tile, Novatik provides up to 50 years of warranty.
In addition, Novatik also offers a full range of roof accessories.

We want our products to be more than just aquisitions. We want you to experience comfort, liveliness and security, day by day; therefore, innovation is one of the values we place a special emphasis on.

Every time you choose the Novatik metal tile, standing seam roof or rainwater systems produced in our factory in Băicoi, you get more than a roof for your home. With Novatik, each roof receives durability, efficiency and elegance.

Don`t settle for average, choose the quality of Novatik roof solutions!


By purchasing Novatik metal tile you will have more than a roof – you will experience comfort, durability and safety, day after day!

Discover the Novatik METAL range - your inspired choice for modern and durable roof!

Remarkable aestheticsRemarkable aesthetics

By using our metal tile which has a special design, your project will be unique, with its own, distinct personality. Novatik METAL represents the best solution both for renovations / restorations or ultra-modern architectural styles.

Long-lasting protectionLong-lasting protection

Due to the protective coating of ZnMg 120g/sqm or Zn 275g/sqm(available for MAT finish) and the protective coating of Zn 275 g/sqm (available for HIGH COAT and FROST finish), your roof will provide a high degree of corrosion resistance and durability.

Fewer losses after installationFewer losses after installation

One of the main advantage of small panels Novatik METAL is represented by fewer technological losses during installation compared to other types of metal roofing tiles, produced in big panels. It is also a durable, lightweight system for easy, quick and safe installation.

Greater weather resistanceGreater weather resistance

Novatik metal tiles have a solid fixing system, considered one of the safest on the market, so your roof will withstand even severe weather conditions.

Economic solutionEconomic solution

Novatik metal tiles are incredibly lightweight and represents an economic solution for your roof. So you can make a smart choice and save more money by investing in quality.

Up to 40 years warrantyUp to 40 years warranty

Novatik profile is made of steel pre-painted in three coating options:

  • ● MAT finish (steel 0.5 mm): 20 years aesthetic warranty and 30 years technical warranty;
  • ● MAT finish (steel 0,6 mm): 20 years aesthetic warranty and 40 years technical warranty;
  • ● HIGH COAT and FROST finish : 20 years aesthetic warranty and 40 years technical warranty.

Your project deserves a long-term investment in quality, sustainability and remarkable aesthetics.

Discover the advantages of Novatik NATURA range – a new roof that can add value to your home!

60 years warranty60 years warranty

Novatik NATURA stone chip coated metal tile is among the most durable and strong roof system on the market. It is proven by the 60 years of technical warranty and 30 years of aesthetic warranty.

Increased sound insulationIncreased sound insulation

Pressing of the panel is prior to applying the layer of stone chips and results in a controlled and uniform coating that prevents microcracking. Owing to its covering of volcanic rock chips makes Novatik NATURA one of the quietest metal roofs.

Flawless finishFlawless finish

We believe Novatik NATURA, our new metal roof panels, coated with volcanic rock chips – one of the oldest construction materials of all time - meet all of these essential requirements. Each of our Novatik NATURA profiles has its own distinct characteristics and will resonate with those who are seeking a uniquely different roof style.

Low maintenanceLow maintenance

One of the most appreciated advantage of Novatik NATURA stone chip coated metal tile is that the roof will require a minimum level of maintenance.

Waterproof sealingWaterproof sealing

With Novatik NATURA stone chip coated metal tile you will feel safe in the event of severe weather conditions because the modules will not be distorted by expansion and contraction and will remain weather tight.


Every Novatik NATURA module consists of a premium grade steel core, protected on both sides by a Zinc-Magnesium alloy plus Multiface® (suplimentary anti-corrosion protection) or Aluminium-Zinc alloy and finished with a coating of volcanic rock chips, providing an excellent corrosion resistance compared to other steel roof.


The roof costs may vary depending on the surface and complexity of the roof, the Novatik profile chosen. You can request a price offer free of charge to the Novatik consultants who will help you make the right choice.

Our Novatik coating systems are sold exclusively through the national network of distributors, specialized roof distribution and assembly companies.
We invite you to contact us to get the exact price offer via the contact form or by phone and we will direct you to the nearest Novatik distributor from your city.
The Novatik team offers you advice and support in choosing the best roof solution. The personal data you will share with us will only be used for the purpose of making the offer in good condition upon your request.

Depending on the chosen solution, Novatik METAL or Novatik NATURA, Novatik METAL roof tile can last even over 70 – 80 years… Protect your home against extreme weather conditions by choosing a resistant metal tile roof.

Novatik METAL roof tile is made of steel pre-painted in three coating options:
- MAT finish (steel 0.5 mm): 20 years Aesthetic Warranty and 30 years Technical Warranty;
- MAT finish (steel 0.6 mm): 20 years Aesthetic Warranty and 40 years Technical Warranty;
- HIGH COAT and FROST finish: 20 years Aesthetic Warranty and 40 years Technical Warranty.

Novatik NATURA stone chip coated metal roof tiles it is among the most durable and resistant systems roof on the market. It is proven by its 60 years technical warranty and 30 years aesthetic warranty.

Depending on the surface and complexity of the project, it can take between 2 and 7 days.

Due to the dimensions and weight of Novatik roof tile (5- 6 kg/sqm), the execution time is much lower, compared to traditional roofs (ceramic or concrete tile).
Also, compared to classic metal tile roofs, Novatik metal roof tile are easy to handle, which can also save time.

The sealing of the roof and the facades is decisive for establishing the interior comfort. A sealed roof limits the risk of condensation, improves the efficiency of thermal insulation and helps achieve significant energy savings, but also optimizes the operation of ventilation devices. The most dangerous is the uncontrolled movement of vapors, especially in cold seasons when large quantities of vapor tend to escape outside through leaking areas. It is therefore necessary to protect the roof as effectively as possible, especially thermal insulation. For this purpose, there are two main types of membranes which ensure the long efficiency of thermo insulation: Toward the inside, a vapor barrier is used, and toward the outside, an anti-condensation membrane.

The anti-condensation membrane allows vapors in the thermal insulation layer to escape as quickly as possible to the outside and prevents condensation which would affect the thermal insulation. It also prevents any condensation that can form under the cover from entering the thermal insulation layer.

The vapor barrier is designed to prevent the flow of air from the inside to the outside and limits the amount of vapor transported to the outside.

A roof cannot be complete without an efficient rainwater system to cope with the destructive effects of excessive humidity. Even if you think you live in an area where there is no point in placing too much emphasis on these accessories, you never know when you will need a good rainwater system that could save you from unnecessary repairs.

- gutters and downpipes have a protective and aesthetic role;
- protects the building from humidity and its effects;
- contributes to extending the life of a building;
- eliminates unnecessary roof costs repair.

Ingenuity and efficiency. The main differentiating element of the Novatik rainwater system compared to the other rainwater systems on the market is the smart-design section of the gutter, which prevents water spills and generates a superior rainwater collection capacity.

Discreet joints. With the tightening mechanism hidden behind the spout, the visual appearance of the Novatik spout joint is impeccable.

- Lightweight, just 5-6 kg/sqm, resulting fewer losses after installation;

- A lower weight positively influences the overall behavior of the building, significantly reducing the risk of collapse in case of earthquakes;

- Easy handling, due to its small dimensions and lightweight;

- Resistance to impact, high wind speeds, fire, storm damage and snow loading;

- Non-breakable;

- The tiles are fastened with nails or screws to the roof battens requiring no further components. The tiles are overlapped to create a perfect interlocked system, which is completely secure and waterproof;

- The perfect interlocking of modules during installation, reduce the risk of leakage and making it one of the most secure roofing systems on the market;

- Easy and quick installation;

- Reduced transport costs due to low weight;

- Reduced storage space.

Novatik is the developer and manufacturer of metal tiles roofing systems from Romania, a Member of the European Union, which means it is required to meet European quality standards. Throughout the production process Novatik NATURA panels undergo multiple quality control procedures, resulting in one of the most durable and weather resistant interlocking steel roof systems in the market. The variety of profiles and colours demonstrates the total commitment of Novatik SRL to creating aesthetically pleasing and long lasting products that meet the highest requirements of design and functionality.

The look of the Novatik small panels has been designed to ensure the appearance of a traditional tile, keeping the traditional look. For example, the dimensions of a single module of Novatik METAL CLASSIC is 1260 mm x 370 mm, which means a total of 0.46 sqm. In general 2.15 modules of Novatik metal tile is used to cover one sqm. Depending on what type of profile you choose, each Novatik METAL or Novatik NATURA tile has its own specific dimension/size.

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