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Metal roof tile


Are you at that stage of the house`s construction, where the roof is required? We know this is not an easy step. That`s why Novatik products are designed to meet the most demanding quality and aesthetic requirements. Whether we are talking about a standing seam roof or metal tile, Novatik provides up to 50 years of warranty.
In addition, Novatik also offers a full range of roof accessories.

We want our products to be more than just aquisitions. We want you to experience comfort, liveliness and security, day by day; therefore, innovation is one of the values we place a special emphasis on.

Every time you choose the Novatik metal tile, standing seam roof or rainwater systems produced in our factory in Băicoi, you get more than a roof for your home. With Novatik, each roof receives durability, efficiency and elegance.

Don`t settle for average, choose the quality of Novatik roof solutions!

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